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Slogans of Worldwide Brands - Dünyaca Ünlü Markalardan Sloganlar


Make a Fresh Start. Ikea

Touch The Perfection. Toyota [Car Company]

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. Lexus [Car Company]

Makes Gold Seem Cheap. Vertu [Cell Phone]

The World's Local Bank.
HSBC [Bank]

Born to Perform.
Jaguar [Car Company]

We Move the World.
DHL [Freight Logistics]

Every Fortune Tells the Story.
Fortune [Magazine]

More Power to You.
BT [Telecom and IT]

Sheer Driving Pleasure.
BMW [Car Company]

A Higher Plane of Communication.
Avaya [Telecom]

Imagination at Work.
GE [Electronics]

One Card fits business wherever business takes you.
Diners Club International [Credit Card] 

Where Do You Want To Go Today? Microsoft

Think Small. Volkswagen Beetle

The Choice of a New Generation.

Have It Your Way.
Burger King

We Do It All For You.

Drivers Wanted.

The Headache Medicine.

Get a fresh start. Charles Schwab & Co [Bank]

Drive & Love. Chrysler [Car Maker]

Everything you want. Instantly. AOL Broadband [Internet Service]

Without sports, there'd be no next year. ESPN [Sports Channel] 

 Originality - Integrity - Innovation. Levis 

 Change the way you see the world. Sony 

 It's everywhere you want to be. Visa [Credit Card]  

Connecting People. Nokia [Mobiles]

Look, Ma, no cavities!
Crest Toothpaste

It's the real thing.
Coca-Cola [Soft Drink]

Advanced Simplicity. Canon

Do it your way.

Just say the word.

The possibilities are infinite.

Cutting the cost of living.

The centre of your digital world. Intel  

Come and live the magic. Disney 
Better ideas. Driven by you. Ford 
Boundless. AT&T 
Marlboro Country. Marlboro 
Follow whoever you are. Mercedes 
Where money lives. Citibank 
Empowering the Internet generation. Cisco Systems 
Its your future. Be there. Merck 
Make a fresh start. Ikea
The legend rolls on. Harley-Davidson 
Take it to the nth. Sun Microsystems 
Share the fantasy. Chanel 
One destination. A world of solutions. Boeing
You know you want it. Kraft
Intelligence everywhere. Motorola
Perpetual spirit. Rolex      
Long live sport. Adidas
HERTZ Suddenly, you e free again. Hertz
Just slightly ahead of our time. Panasonic
Americas house of design since 1837. Tiffany
Beyond petroleum. BP
A real company in a virtual world.
Moving at the speed of life. Shell
Exceed. Why compromise.  Mobil
This is a job for FedEx. Fedex
Your home from home. Starbucks
Some things never change. Jack Daniels is one of them. Jack Daniels
Designs for the face. Armani
We e right behind you. Every step of the way. Pampers
Good things come to those who wait. Guinness
No FT, no comment. Financial Times
It happens at the Hilton. Hilton
Be inspired. Siemens
Time is what you make of it. Swatch  

United colors of Benetton. Benetton

For People in the Know. Reuters

Drivers Wanted. Volkswagen



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